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white head haiwhite head haiwhite head haiExciting news, beginning September 1st, 2021 all my updates will be in my new location below 

new KumanWorks Google Sites

head on over the site above to follow my build (previous build and also upcoming build). This site will not be close and will be operational as normal just little to no update will be present.

So bookmark the new place above and head on over. onion emoticon thanks


Latest Updates for Kumanworks  onion emoticon thanks

Type 091 Han Class Submarine

JAS-39c GripenM2A2 Bradley

F-15E Strike Eagleheader M1126

British AS-90 Braveheart Fairey Gannet AS MK

P-38J LightningWesland Wyvern S4

Seahawk FGA MK6Academy RMS Titanic

header sh60bheader kiowa warrior

 header aavp7a1Tornado GR1

 Space 1999 Eagle TransporterA-10A Thunderbolt

Grumman F-9f Pantherheader cutlass

M1A1 Abrams


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