1/350 Hobbyboss Type-091 Han Class PLN Submarine

Category: Completed Published: Wednesday, 16 September 2020

M2A2 Bradley

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OOB build and very minimal weathering with custom base

F15 Boxart 9999 7

(Box art from Internet via google)

Technical Data
Brand: 1/350 Hobbyboss Type-091 Han Class PLN Submarine
Markings OOB
Duration: 2019
Paint:  Gunze Sangyo



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Header overview

1/350 Hobbyboss Type-091 Han Class PLN Submarine

OOB build of the Hobbyboss submarine. A small sub in a small scale but details is quite nice.

Just be ware of a bit of uneven potion on the big half of the sub body. A little care and a bit of minimal sanding would save the day.

I also have a big scratch mark on the body, my clumsyness, which required a a bot of sanding.


white head wekk

Header wip 


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 nameplate f 15

box sub_type091.jpg card sub_type91.jpg sub_type91_00.JPG

sub_type91_01.JPG sub_type91_02.JPG sub_type91_03.JPG

sub_type91_04.JPG sub_type91_05.JPG sub_type91_06.JPG

sub_type91_07.JPG sub_type91_08.JPG sub_type91_09.JPG

sub_type91_10.JPG sub_type91_11.JPG sub_type91_12.JPG

sub_type91_13.JPG sub_type91_14.JPG sub_type91_15.JPG

sub_type91_16.JPG sub_type91_17.JPG sub_type91_18.JPG

sub_type91_19.JPG sub_type91_wip_00.JPG sub_type91_wip_01.JPG

sub_type91_wip_02.JPG sub_type91_wip_03.JPG sub_type91_wip_04.JPG

sub_type91_wip_05.JPG sub_type91_wip_06.JPG sub_type91_wip_07.JPG

sub_type91_wip_08.JPG sub_type91_wip_09.JPG sub_type91_wip_10.JPG


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