1/48 Academy OH-58D "Kiowa Warrior"

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This build is in support of the Helicopter Group Build 2010 organized by our local Modelling Society (SFTPMS) which was held in KL in June 30th, 2010. Glad that i'm able to finish this in the allocated time and able to join the event "virtually".

This is a mixed build meaning that i mix some AM stuff (the doghouse) to really depict the OH-58D although not all of the AM parts were used in the build (The AM is from Werner's Wing that i won from a raffle online).

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The Kits

Quite a small kit for a 1/35 scale, but for me this is just nice for a helicopter subject. Also this is the first 1/35 scale heli that i build. Since i usually prefer 1/48 scale for all my airborne subject. I remember getting this right after i won a raffle in ARC forum which is a Werners Wing OH-58D Resin conversion (a very nice AM i must say). And with the starting of the Heli Group Build (HGB) it just fitting for me to build this.

The molding is nice with no flash present, the fitting also ok it just that remember if you want to let the rear door open then remember to not use part XXXX, else you'll have problem closing the rear door. I use the kit door instead of the resin door since i got another plan for the unused parts in the AM. Other than that, i think u have to make sure to add some nose-weight since this is going to be a tail sitter if you dont.

As usual, the fitting of the front canopy is always an issue.. so in my build this is also the case, and i'm getting a hard time trying to make it it nicely and also remember to fill all the gaps between the windscreen and the fuselage.

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