1/35 MiniHobbyModel AAVP-7A1 with EAAK

Category: Completed Published: Tuesday, 30 November 2010

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Technical Data
Brand: 1/35 MiniHobby Models
Markings 2nd Amphibian Battalion USMC
Duration: March 2010 - November 2010
Paint: Flat Black, Green, Poster color,Flat Brown

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1/35 Minihobby Models AAVP-7A1 with EAAK

This build is in support the locally organized Group Build which is the Amphibian Group Build which was held in HHQ (Hobby HQ) KL in November 20,2010. Again this will be my yet another "virtual entry" due to my inability to join the event.

This basically build OOB (out of the box) + some scratch build extras using tissue and fine wires.

Below is the "nameplate" i created to be displayed with the model.

This the first model that i created a base for it and by adding the base it really does bring the model to life.

The kit itself is not very good, during contruction i need to fill the hole on the bottom of the tank since this hole is where the "ON-OFF" switch it located. This kit come with an engine (not the tank engine, but a battery powered engine) that would make this a non-static version of the AAVP.

Since i'm creating a static model, these holes need to be covered before any other construction can continue. Again a little putty and plastic sheet come into play.

The EAAK armor arrangement is not as accurate so i have to skip a few of them in-order to fill the side of the armor with it.


Build steps can be accessed in my blog at http://kumanx.blogspot.com filed under AAVP7A1 tag.

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nameplate aavp7a1 


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