1/72 Revell A-10A Thunderbolt "Operation Desert Storm"

Category: Completed Published: Monday, 07 October 2013

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1/72 A-10A Thunderbolt "Operation Desert Storm"

I usually dont do 1/72 scale but seeing this in my stash for the longest time, so i decided to built one for the sake of testing my camo painting technique. & learn new things with modelling camo stuff.

Technical Data
Brand: 1/72 Revell
Markings USNavy
Duration: April, 2013 ~ Oct, 2013
Paint: Green, Black Camoed

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October 2013

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Fitting is just nice and dont really required a lot of work to fix just a few putty spots here and there.white head smile

Painting the camo posed a few challenges for me mainly regarding my airbrush control as i'm doing the camo freehand.

The initial finish is just too glossy so i decided to tone it down with a few layer of very diluted Sandy Yellow and top it with a coat of Flat finishing.

The marking is from the Operation Desert Storm back in 1991 with a nice nose art to boot.

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