1/48 Trumpeter F-9F "Panther"

Category: Completed Published: Wednesday, 17 October 2012

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This build is in support of the Cold War GB organized by our local Modelling Society (SFTPMS) which was held in KL in November 3rd, 2012. A very nice kit... simple but nice. white head proud

Technical Data
Brand: 1/48 Trumpeter
Conver:  "Reconnaissance Version"
Markings USNavy
Duration: July, 2012 ~ 5 Oct, 2012
Paint: H56, White


 October 2012

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1/48 Trumpeter F-9F "Panther"

Fitting is very nice and since i opt to use the "Recon" nose, so the build is smooth (since i dont need to paint the gun and then join the 2 nose-halves together). Altough with this decision, i'm having a problem choosing the marking since all the marking offered OOB is not for "Recon" version. So i opt to use the most colorful marking on the sheet.

I'll upload the WIP photo in a bit or you can head to our local forum for the whole discussion i had with the group regarding this build.

- Also i'll upload it in my blogmy BLOG.

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