1/400 Academy RMS Titanic

Category: Completed Published: Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Academy RMS Titanic

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This is my first attempt at building ship and i put a target to build it complete with lighting but again my ambition get the best of me and i end up building it OOB (Out-Of-The-Box). Altough i did have the PE set unfortunately my confidence level with PE is still unacceptable thus i end-up not using the PE. white head sigh 

But i manage to finish it in time for a GB in KL.

Technical Data
Brand: 1/400 Academy
Markings Initial markings
Duration: 20 January, 2011 ~ May, 2011


  May 2011

white head proud

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1/400 Academy RMS Titanic

As i mentioned this is a OOB build and with my newbie skill it build up pretty nicely (but with PE should be better-which i didnt use :(). For those who likes lighting up their models, this is a great opportunity to try it. As initially i planned for it (hence i drill all the windows on the hull), but the thought of tinkering with electronics stuff makes me scrap the idea.

This is a good kit as the fitting is pretty good and easy to build with for any skill level. I ordered a glass display and now this is in my living room.

WIP photo can be view from my blog at [click me] Kumanx Blogspot WIP

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