1/48 Academy P-38J Lightning

Category: Completed Published: Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Academy P 38J Lightning

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The Natural Metal Finish of this kit inspires me to build it. I bought this from a friend with no box so i have no idea what the box-art is like but with the help of Google i found some details on this kit. Its a P-38J Lightning "DroopSnoot" from Academy. white head sigh

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Technical Data
Brand: 1/48 Academy P-38J Lightning
Markings USAAF "Trailblazer"
Duration: Nov 2014 ~ March, 2015


  March 2015

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1/48 P-38J Lightining

Build OOB asnd with a few boo-hoo from me white head shameonme. The kit come with clear front fuselage which suppose to have glass windows. Me; being lazy and didnt do a proper research on the aircraft, decided to paint over the glass panel and only to realized about my mistake when i wanted to apply the decal.

So as my attempt to rectify the mistake, i choose to just spray some smoke on the location where the window suppose to be. It turn out okay( i guess) and i dont want to stress too much abt it. In the end it looks ok to me.

As for the decal, its been sitting on the shelves for the longest time so some of the decals are unusable and it disintegrate upon contact with water. Have to make do with what i have.

Its been a fun build and i got to practise on my 2nd Silver-finish aircraft (the first being the F7U Cutlass).


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