1/48 Trumpeter Westland Wyvern S.4

Category: Completed Published: Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Westland wyvern S.4

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Bought this kit just because of the wing-fold back in the days when my "seasonal" interest is with anything that can be wing-folded. Together with the F-9F Panther (click to view) i build last couple of years.

The box-art is as below

xbox art

Technical Data
Brand: 1/48 Trumpeter Wyvern S.4
Markings RAF Suez Campaign
Duration: Sept 2015 ~ Feb, 2016


  Feb 2016

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1/48 Westland "Wyvern" S.4

Build OOB as per instruction with more attention given to the wingfold mechanism. I added some wiring to make the location busier than the original parts. I As for the decal, a more adventurous modeller would mask and paint the stripes (should be easy enough) but i choose the easy way by just using the decal with the help of Mr Setter, Mr Softer and Future to make the decal work.

Fortunately the end result works like it suppose to and i'm glad i use the decal stripes. white head smile

Minimal weathering was applied and i load it to the max under the wing which i doubt the real aircraft would be able to leave the ground with those loadout. A very enjoyable kit to work with and would recommend to anyone who likes RAF plane..

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