1/35 Trumpeter As-90 "Braveheart"

Category: Completed Published: Saturday, 23 April 2016

British AS-90 Braveheart

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My seasonal interest on everything SPG (Self-Propelled Gun) prompt me to buy this kit (along with a few other SPG like the Revell-Panzerhaubitze 2000, Heller AUF-F1 and Trumpeter Chinese 152mm Type83 SPG).

The box-art is as below (from internet)

boxart as90

Technical Data
Brand: 1/35 Trumpeter British 155mm AS-90 SPG
Markings OOB
Duration: ?? 2010 ~ Apr 2012


  Apr 2012

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1/35 British 155mm AS-90 "Braveheart"

The build went on without much problem apart for the occasional gap here and there that can easily be sorted out with some putty. The paint scheme is the overall desert yellow over the green paint to simulate the one used in the Ops Telic in 2003. The one used by the British Army back in 2003.

A few paint chipped used in this build with using the Hairspray technique and the salt-technique. Using hairspray i think i got more control over the technique as i can easily removed the right amount of paint for the chipping. WHile with the salt-method, i lost all the control as i think i didnt do it right.

At the end the problem with the salt-method gives me a very nice effect for the overall build.

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This have to be the most weathered model i've build thus far :)

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nameplate as90 


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