1/48 Trumpeter Fairey Gannet AS.MK 1/4

Category: Completed Published: Monday, 06 June 2016

Fairey Gannet

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When i bpught this kit i planned to have it in its full wing-fold-glory (who can resist the unique+weird wing fold mechanism) on this aircraft. But when i have it in my hand, i realized i need to invest on some resin etc. As i'm not really a fan of resin, so i just forget the "awesome" idea and just go with an OOB build.

The box-art is as below (from internet)

xboxart gannet

Technical Data
Brand: 1/72 Trumpeter British "Gannet" AS.MK 1/4
Markings OOB
Duration: ?? 2015 ~ Feb 2016
Paint:  Gunze H331 Dark SeaGrey, Gunze H74 Duck


  Feb 2016

white head proud

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1/72 Trumpeter British "Gannet" AS.MK 1/4

The build went on smoothly for an OOB build. I made a critical error (in my view) of not properly measure the downward camera (at the center of the fuselage) to realized that it is longer than the landing gear. Thus if look very closely will be able to see the camera actually supporting the model now. This is entirely my bad for not properly inspect the parts 

white head wekk

Very minor weathering was applied to the model, as i loved a clean looking aircraft.

 Header comp

nameplate gannet 

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20160505_9857.JPG 20160505_9858.JPG 20160505_9859.JPG

20160505_9860.JPG 20160505_9861.JPG 20160505_9862.JPG

nameplate_gannet.png xboxart_gannet.jpg


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