1/48 Academy F-15E Strike Eagle with weapons

Category: Completed Published: Wednesday, 02 November 2016

F-15E Strike Eagle

 Header intro

When i bpught this kit i planned to have it in its full wing-fold-glory (who can resist the unique+weird wing fold mechanism) on this aircraft. But when i have it in my hand, i realized i need to invest on some resin etc. As i'm not really a fan of resin, so i just forget the "awesome" idea and just go with an OOB build.

The box-art is as below (from internet)

F15 Boxart 9999 7

Technical Data
Brand: 1/48 Academy F-15E Strike Eagle with weapons
Markings OOB
Duration: Mar 2016 ~ Sep. 2016
Paint:  Gunze 


  Sept 2016

white head proud

Header overview

1/48 Academy F-15E Strike Eaglr with weapons

The build is straight forward and the primary reason why i bought this kit is because of the weapons. I loved aircraft fully loaded with weapons. The paint is inspired by the MudHen version and some reference i find is using this scheme so here it is. 

white head wekk

And as normal i loved clean aircraft..

Header wip And The Work in progress can be viewed in my blog (http://kumanx.blogspot.my) Under the tag "1/48 Academy F-15e" or just follow the link (Link to my WIP blog).

The WIP i break it to several section, such as painting, decals & loadouts. Do visit the blog.

 Header comp

nameplate f 15 


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