1/48 Academy F-15E Strike Eagle with weapons

Category: Completed Published: Wednesday, 02 November 2016

F-15E Strike Eagle

 Header intro

Academy got me with the awesome "WITH WEAPON" tag line. I'm sold and walla!! this magically appear in my stash and begging for me to start building it. This is a OOB build so just relax and taking my sweet time to complete this.

The box-art is as below (from internet)

F15 Boxart 9999 7

Technical Data
Brand: 1/48 Academy F-15E Strike Eagle with weapons
Markings OOB
Duration: Mar 2016 ~ Sep. 2016
Paint:  Gunze 


  Sept 2016

white head proud

Header overview

1/48 Academy F-15E Strike Eaglr with weapons

The build is straight forward and the primary reason why i bought this kit is because of the weapons. I loved aircraft fully loaded with weapons. The paint is inspired by the MudHen version and some reference i find is using this scheme so here it is. 

white head wekk

And as normal i loved clean aircraft..

Header wip And The Work in progress can be viewed in my blog (http://kumanx.blogspot.my) Under the tag "1/48 Academy F-15e" or just follow the link (Link to my WIP blog).

The WIP i break it to several section, such as painting, decals & loadouts. Do visit the blog.

 Header comp

nameplate f 15 


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