1/35 Trumpeter M1126 ICV Stryker

Category: Completed Published: Wednesday, 09 September 2020

M1126 icv01

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OOB build with Trumpeter PE as an additional. Only minor PE used.

F15 Boxart 9999 7

Technical Data
Brand: 1/35 Trumpeter M1126 ICV Stryker
Markings OOB
Duration: 2019
Paint:  Gunze & Wilder Weathering



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1/35 Trumpeter M1126 ICV Stryker

Build and fit is nice for my liking and weathering was not so heavy. Weathering was done with Wilders Weathering product from their Aqualine series.

This was then submit to Malcom 2019 and won a Bronze for beginner level.

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M1126_icv01.JPG M1126_icv02.JPG M1126_icv03.JPG

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M1126_icv07.JPG M1126_icv08.JPG M1126_icv09.JPG

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M1126_icv16.JPG M1126_icv17.JPG M1126_wip00.JPG

M1126_wip01.JPG M1126_wip02.JPG M1126_wip03.JPG

M1126_wip04.JPG M1126_wip05.JPG M1126_wip06.JPG

M1126_wip07.JPG M1126_wip08.JPG M1126_wip09.JPG

M1126_wip10.JPG box 1-35 Trumpeter M1126 ICV Box.jpg card m-1126 stryker.jpg



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